Bhima Super and Bhima Shakti Recommended for Notification


Two red onion varieties viz.; Bhima Super and Bhima Shakti of ICAR-DOGR have been recommended for notification vide Minutes of the 24th Meeting of Central Sub-Committee on Crop Standards, Notifications and Release of Varieties for Horticultural Crops held under the Chairmanship of Dr. A. K. Singh, DDG (Hort.), ICAR, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi on 22.9.2016 (No. 3-50/2016-SD.IV dated 02.11.2016).



Recommended Area

Salient features

Bhima Super


Kharif season: Zone II, IV, V and VI (Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Jammu, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra,  Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu

Attractive red bulbs, maturity 100-105 days after transplanting, average yield 22-26 t/ha, potential yield 48 t/ha, 30-45 days bulbs storability. Very less frequency of doubles and bolters. Maximum number of single centered bulbs, suitable for making dehydrated rings as well as salad.

Bhima Shakti



Rabi season: Zone V and VI i.e. Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa

Attractive red bulbs, maturity 125-135 days after transplanting, average yield 32-36 t/ha in rabi with potential yield up to 52 t/ha, very good bulbs storability up to five months. Its bulb attains immediate attractive red colour after harvest with uniform neck-fall. It is also suitable for late kharif in Maharashtra.