ICAR-DOGR Organized International Training For Scientists From BARI, Bangladesh



ICAR-DOGR, Rajgurunagar has organized six days international training programme on “Recent Research Approaches in Onion and Garlic” for ten scientific officers from Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Bangladesh from 10th June to 15th June 2019. The training programme was commenced with the inaugural session where Dr Major Singh, Director, ICAR-DOGR and Course Director welcomed all BARI Scientist. During the welcome address, he spoke on “Overall status of onion and garlic research in India as well as worldwide”. He stresses upon emerging issues such as the development of climate-resilient varieties of onion, hybrid development in Onion, development of virus-free garlic varieties, and improving export-import strategies in onion. At the end of the session, the vote of thanks was expressed by Mrs Ashwini Benke, Scientist.

The whole training programme was planned in such ways that BARI, Scientist should get knowledge about improvement in onion and garlic using conventional as well as molecular techniques. Every day two sessions of different discipline along with one practical/visits were arranged. Total of sixteen ICAR-DOGR scientists delivered their lecture along with practical and visits to field experiments and laboratories. During valedictory sessions, BARI scientists expressed their satisfaction for gaining a lot of research ideas on the application of breeding strategies in onion, reducing pest and disease incidence, enhancing storage life of onion as well as how to plan export strategy in onion.

ICAR-DOGR is thankful to Dr Aparna Tiwari, ATPBR, Aurangabad for involving in successful planning for organizing this training programme. The overall training programme was co-coordinated by Mrs Ashwini Benke, Scientist (Genetics) and I/C Intellectual Technology Management Unit, ICAR-DOGR, Rajgurunagar