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ICAR-DOGR celebrated International Women’s Day 2020



The Women Cell of ICAR-DOGR has organized International Women’s day 2020 with the International UN theme “I am Generation Equality: Realizing Women’s Right” in the conference hall, ICAR-DOGR, Rajgurunagar on 8 th March 2020.

The program was chaired by Dr. Major Singh, Director who spoke on History of Women’s days and need of gender equality. Dr. V. Mahajan, PS(Hort) spoke on the need of  freedom  for women at the workplace.

A series of games was arranged to enlighten the gathering about women’s capacity, strength, and rights. The presentation entitled “Women’s health and role in Society” was delivered by Dr, Manic Bichkar, MD. Anesthesia. A brief presentation was also conducted by Ashwini Benke, Scientist and Chairman Women Cell on Coronavirus: WHO recommended Dos and Don’ts. A total of eighty enthusiastic ladies attended the program.

The arrangement of the programme was made in such a way that gathering can awaken and sensitize Women’s Equality and uniqueness rather than comparison with the male gender. All required safety measures need to be taken  during public gatherings were followed.