ICAR-DOGR organized 26th IRC meeting


ICAR- DOGR has conducted 26th Institute Research council meeting in two segments. First session conducted on 12th July 2021 and meeting was attended by 12 scientists. Member secretary Mrs. Ashwini P. Benke, scientist briefed about the meeting. The chairman of IRC and Director of the institute Dr Major Singh critically reviewed all progress done by PI in respective projects and added his remark. Based on (ARMS) requirements, the format of the new project proposals was finalized during this meeting. Chairman advised presenting the same during the next session.

The second session of 26th IRC was conducted on 17-18th August 2021. A total of sixteen scientists attended the meeting and presented the new project proposals. Twenty new institute project proposals have been approved in this meeting. These projects will be effective from 1st April 2021 and the duration will be three to five years. 

The list of projects is as below.

Name of PI

New project title

Dr. Vijay Mahajan

Genetic improvement of white and yellow onion

Dr. Ram Dutta

Development, refinement and validation of management strategies for major fungal diseases of Onion-Garlic

Dr. Amar Jeet Gupta

Genetic improvement of red onion for table purpose

Dr. Gawande Suresh

Biotechnological approaches for biotic stress management

Dr. Anandhan S.

Biotechnological approaches for improvement of onion

Dr. Gadage Shailendra*

Transfer of improved onion and garlic technologies and impact assessment

Dr. Thangasamy A.

Development of improved nutrient management practices for onion and garlic

Dr. Karuppaiah V.

Bio-intensive IPM strategies for insect pests of Onion and Garlic

Dr. Vishwnath Y.

Enhancement of seed quality and productivity in onion

Dr. Kalyani Gorrepati*

1.      Extraction and encapsulation of bioactive compounds from Allium species

2.      Refinement of storage technologies in onion and garlic

Dr. Rajiv Kale

Novel approaches for transfer of Onion and Garlic Technologies

Mrs. Ashwini Benke

Genetic improvement of garlic through conventional and biotechnological approaches

Dr. Manjunatha Gowda DC

Development of onion hybrids for quality and yielding traits

Dr. Soumia PS

Post-harvest management of storage insect pests and diseases in onion and garlic

Dr. Yogesh Khade

Breeding for abiotic stress tolerance in Allium species

Dr. Bhushan Bibve

1.      Processing and value addition in onion and garlic

2.      Mechanization in onion and garlic

Dr. Ashok Kumar

Management of sprouting in onion and garlic

Dr. Pranjali Gedam*

Abiotic stress management in onion

Dr. Saurabh Ghosh

Development of improved agronomic practices in onion and garlic