Effect of Micro-Sprinkler Irrigation and Nitrogen Levels on Rabi Onion (Allium cepa L.)

L.N. Yadav, S.S. Ilhe, P.L. Deshmukh


A field experiment was conducted to study the performance of rabi onion as influenced by micro-sprinkler irrigation levels and different nitrogen levels during the rabi 2014-2015 College of Agriculture, Dhule. The application of 100 % ETc (I4) irrigation through micro-sprinkler significantly increased mean plant height, number of functional leaves, leaf area, leaf area index, neck thickness, dry matter of leaves/plant as compared to other treatments. However, number of functional leaves, leaf area and leaf area index were at par with 85 % ETc (I3) treatment at 90 DAT. The bulb development attributes viz., equatorial diameter, polar diameter, fresh weight  and dry matter of bulb were significantly higher in (N3) treatment i.e. 125 % recommended N (RDN) (N3) as compared to rest of treatments. The bulb and foliage yield, total soluble solids were significantly higher in (N3) treatment i.e. 125 % RDN as compared to rest of treatments. The available nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium nutrients were higher under application of 55 % ETc (I1) treatment through micro-sprinkler. The nitrogen content in foliage and bulb, nitrogen use efficiency the consumptive use were significantly higher under treatment (I4) i.e. application of 100 % ETc. However, water use efficiency was significantly higher under treatment (I1) i.e. application of 55 % ETc over the rest of the treatments. The interaction effect of irrigation and nitrogen levels was found significant in fresh weight of bulb, bulb yield and nitrogen use efficiency at harvest.


Water use efficiency, Nitrogen use efficiency, Consumptive use, Yield, Growth parameters

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