Studies on Set Production of Onion (Allium cepa L.) Cultivars

Joydip Mandal, P. Acharyya, W.D. Singh, S. Mohanta


Present experiment revealed that it is possible to produce set / bulblets in West Bengal condition. All the cultivars produced more number of small sized bulblets than medium and large sized, though their proportion varied. However, for all the cultivars, total weight of the large sized bulblets was more than small and medium sized. Arka Kalyan, Bhima Shweta, Bhima Raj, Baswant-780, Sukhsagar and Bhima Shubhra may be selected for producing bulblets /sets targeting bulb or green onion production during kharif season under Red and Laterite Zone of West Bengal.


Onion, Allium cepa, Kharif, Set, Bulblet

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