ICAR-DOGR Celebrated World Water Day – 2021

World Water Day -2021 was celebrated at ICAR-DOGR on 22nd March on the theme ‘Valuing Water’. On the eve, an online lecture on the ‘efficient management of water in Onion’ was delivered by Dr. Vijay Mahajan, Principal Scientist to the farmers, staff, students YP/SRF and RA. Further, Dr Rajiv Kale, Scientist welcomed all the participants and briefed about the background of the World Water Day. A documentary on the awareness about importance of water and the movement of water conservation was shown to the participants of the programme. A drawing competition was organized for the primary and secondary school children of the staff on the theme of ‘Valuing Water’.

Dr. Major Singh, Director, ICAR-DOGR provided his remarks on the importance of water in agriculture and in daily life. He stressed on the conservation of water and efficient use of the water for agriculture to harvest ‘more crop per drop’. Prize and certificates were given to the winner of the drawing competition in both the categories by the Director. Programme was coordinated by Dr. Rajiv Kale Scientist (Agricultural Extension) and Mr. Saurabh Ghosh, Scientist (Agronomy). The vote of thanks presented by Dr. Bhushan Bibave, Scientist (APSE). The programme was attended by 70 participants.