Weed management Frequent irrigation and fertilizer application to onion crop favour severe crop-weed competition. Weeds compete with the onion crop for water, soil nutrients, light and space. Onion crop exhibits a greater susceptibility to weed competition than most other crops, mainly due to its slow growth at initial growth stages and inherent characteristics such as short stature, non-branching, sparse foliage and shallow root system. Control of weeds at the initial growth stages is essential for getting high marketable bulb yield. Because of labour scarcity, chemical control of weeds along with cultural methods is inevitable. Application of Oxyflurofen @ 23.5% EC (1.5 -2.0 ml/L)/ Pendimethalin @ 30% EC (3.5-4ml/L) before transplanting or at the time of transplanting followed by one hand weeding at 40-60 days after transplanting is recommended for efficient weed control.