Promotion of kharif onion production in south eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh  

ICAR-Directorate of Onion and Garlic Research, Pune organized a Kisan Sangoshthi on scientific cultivation of onion at Purushottampur, Narayanpur, Mirzapur on 12 March 2023 in collaboration with Agrimitra FPO. A total of 82 progressive farmers from different parts of Mirzapur, Varanasi and Sonbhadra participated in this program. The chief guest of the program was Hon’ble Dr. A.K. Singh, DDG (Hort. Sci.), ICAR, New Delhi and the guest of honour was Dr. V. Mahajan, Director, ICAR-DOGR, Pune. Dr. A.J. Gupta, Principal Scientist (Hort.) coordinated the Kisan Sangoshthi. Chief Guest of the program, Dr. Singh praised the farmers of Mirzapur and adjoining areas for their pioneering role in adopting new agricultural technologies keeping in mind the food security. Dr. Singh appreciated the efforts of DOGR in development of improved technologies on onion and garlic and transfer in the country. Apart from this, he said that there is a need to pay more attention for increasing the storage capacity of onion bulbs. Commercial cultivation of kharif onion has a significant contribution in stabilizing prices and doubling the income of farmers. New techniques have to be adopted to increase income and reduce costs so that agriculture remains sustainable. Along with increasing the production of vegetables, emphasis should be given on its quality too. Dr. Singh honoured the progressive farmers by giving them appreciation certificate for their valuable work and also visited the fields of the farmers. The special guest of the program, Dr. Mahajan said that there is immense potential for onion cultivation in this area, so farmers will have to adopt advanced techniques of onion in which the DOGR will continue to cooperate. Dr. Mahajan stressed upon the farmers to get organized and do commercial farming. Dr. A.J. Gupta emphasized on the present status of onion cultivation as well as livelihood security of farmers through commercial cultivation of kharif onion. Dr. Gupta appreciated the farmers for their active participation in onion cultivation in Chunar tehsil of Mirzapur. Adoption of DOGR developed technologies has resulted in significant increase in production and productivity of onion in Mirzapur with support of Agrimitra and GKRDF. Dr. G.N. Singh said that Mirzapur in eastern UP is proving suitable for kharif onion production, which will become a hub for kharif onion production in the coming times. On this occasion Dr. Amar Jeet Gupta, Principal Scientist (Hort.) was awarded with appreciation certificate by Agrimitra FPO, Mirzapur for promoting improved onion varieties and production technologies.